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About Kumiko Woodcraft

Kumiko Woodcraft, the art of assembling small pieces of wood to create geometric patterns, is a traditional Japanese craftsmanship that has been inherited since the Asuka period.

More than 200 patterns that can be created by combining wood pieces.

Awards received by Kiyoshi Funaki

Certified as “Modern Master Craftsman” *1
Recipient of the “Yellow Ribbon Medal” *2

*1 Common name for outstanding craftsman who have been awarded by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare based on the Outstanding Craftsman Award System, which was established to raise the status and skill level of craftsman.

*2 The Medal of Honor is awarded to those who work hard in agriculture, commerce, industry, etc., and have skills and achievements that serve as a model for others.

Company profile


Company name
Funaki Wood Works
Kiyoshi Funaki
525 Kamo-cho Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture